Beauty used to be a cruel business. Roman ladies with faces painted with lead. Whale blubber in pots of cosmetic grease. Toxins and petrochemical poisons in children’s shampoos. Those same deadly substances in sunscreens, lipsticks and moisturisers. Dumb human beings not questioning what went into their secret facial creams and beauty products. Unscrupulous snake oil salesmen and women purveying this stuff to make a fast buck. Some good Christians might say the beauty industry deserves such nefarious activity because it is built upon artifice in the first place. But who are we to judge? Something about people who live in glass houses not throwing stones, springs to mind.

The Beauty Business is Shedding its Old Skin

The good news is that the beauty business is shedding its old skin and being reborn anew like the innocent lamb, without recourse to lanolin. Cruelty free beauty products are the order of the day, as scrutiny is applied to the cosmetics counter in department stores across the globe. No longer are ladies blithely accepting the assurances of overly made up women in the pay of large companies. The enormous amount of bullshit which surrounds the cosmetics industry is being examined by regulations and public scrutiny. The promise of wrinkle free is being prosecuted by government bodies across the land and, most often, found wanting when it comes to results.

Safe in the Knowledge of Cruelty Free

Click here for some fine example of cruelty free beauty products in Australia. No longer must fair maidens mutter, “mea culpa, mea culpa”, whilst anointing themselves with myrrh and frankincense.   We are living in a new age of conscious consumers in fashion and beauty. How amazing it is to know that no life is being tortured or taken in the testing of these balms and creams. How grateful we can, now, be, to adorn ourselves with new sheens and glamour, safe in the knowledge of cruelty free.

No More Shame Lies Upon the Skin

Lovers can caress the skin of their beloveds without fear of taint. No more shame lies upon the skin of Helen or Aphrodite. Lady Godiva can part her long locks to reveal unblemished flesh. Joan of Arc can step out of the flames and apply lashings of remedial moisturiser, without a sense of guilt. Jezebel can pick herself up and put herself back together with a little makeup. Mary Magdalene can apply a touch of blush in her hour of need.Conscious consumers in fashion and beauty have paved the way.