Many people would say that there is no glamour in the kitchen. That it is a place for slaves to labour in hot and steamy circumstances. That there is no cool in the kitchen to be had. Well, they would be wrong Mr Jones. The culinary scene, of late, has featured the gleam of TV cameras and the chic of the recently departed Anthony Bourdain. Sure, it is not the bleached, oh, so, unreal realm of digital existence, where everything and everyone is photoshopped within an inch of their life. Glamour in the kitchen is a different beast altogether.

Cooking is About Feeding Appetites

The glamour in the kitchen is about sex because hot and steamy places are the natural setting for this kind of earthy behaviour. Cooking is about feeding appetites. Stirring things up. Sizzling stuff. Chefs, like butchers, titillate and disgust in equal measure. The base camp is where the sauce is simmered and served up. Nigella fills the screen with her curvaceous form. She connects the top to the bottom with her rich recipes. Her lips linger on vowels. Her eyes sparkle at mounds of butter. The kitchen is the boudoir of the elemental. The space where salivating happens.

You Could Be in a More Glamourous Space

Click here for some fine examples of kitchen designs, where form and function meet in a warm embrace. Why suffer the inequities of operating in a dud kitchen? Why put up with a dank dark place, when you could be in a far more glamorous space? Why do we do it ourselves night after night, day after day? From breakfast through to midnight snacks, we beat ourselves up on the altar of frustration and the rack of despair. The kitchen as torture chamber, where modern mums and dads do penance for their miserly behaviour. Are you too cheap to end the suffering?

Risks Make the Kitchen a Glamourous Place

Christianity is founded on obedience. A sin is a disobedience. Adam and Eve were punished for seeking knowledge. What kind of basis is that for a progressive civilisation? Repeating what your forefathers did endlessly, only makes things worse. Tradition is the comfort zone weighted down until all pleasure has ceased. Get out from under the expectations of your family and society. Cooking can suffer from the handing down of recipes if there is no experimentation. The kitchen is only glamourous when risks are taken.