A lot of effort goes into a fashion show at any level, but, at the big end of town, the resources, blood, sweat and tears utilised are enormous. Fashion seems such an ethereal things, almost, intangible in many ways. The ideas, the designs, and the fabrics are all gossamer thin or virtually invisible. The models might be stick thin but are flesh and blood just the same. Putting on a show: Fashion extravaganzas are the coming together of multiple strands of conception in the name of beauty and passion. Fashion, turn to the left, fashion, turn to the right, fashion.

The Dance of Light & Dark

The designer sits at the heart of every fashion show like a spider pulling the strings of its web. Catwalk models cling to threads like zombie mummies about to unwind on stage, as they bring those outfits to life before the eyes of the expectant audience. Lights are mounted around the stage and flash in furious concert with the wide angled lenses of cameras clutched by the media. The dance of light and dark plays upon the retinas of all inside the auditorium. Long legs that seem to reach the chins of these super models, as they strut their stuff upon the catwalk.

Feeding the Stars

Check this site out as a keen example of corporate caterers in Sydney who are at the top of their game. Fine catering for fashion shows and special functions across this great big city keep things ticking over. Feeding the stars and the hoi poloi in equal measure, and with amazing grace, is an important part of putting on a show, fashion extravaganzas depend upon it. Things have to go like clock work with functions and special event this size. Timing is of the essence and nobody can be late.

It Takes a Lot of Makeup to Look Natural

Donatella Versace always said, “Darling, remember to clean your teeth and put on clean underwear.” I take this to mean that no matter how super famous you might be, remember to abide by the basics. Tom Ford was another stickler for details and dotting every eye and crossing every tea. Kate Spade claimed that her secret to her success were her working-class roots and understanding that only hard work can get you there in the end. The last word I leave to Calvin Klein, “the best thing is to look natural, but it takes a lot of makeup to look natural”.