Love of the fairer sex may have been less than cool of late, unless you shared that gender, but, it remains a keeper in terms of procreation and the biological imperative, which sustains human existence upon this planet. Enough, however, of dull talk about science, rather, let us skip the light fantastic and dabble in the realm of love. If I said to you, “sparkling jewels and crimson lips”, what would be the first thing that pops into your mind? Would you picture a beautiful woman adorned with jewellery and red lipstick? Does the image move you in any way?

The Media Emphasises the Mouth

Arousal can be assisted by visual aids and accessories, of that, there is little doubt. Women, over the millennia, have employed cosmetic devices to accentuate their appeal. They have, also, been bejewelled as a sign of their wealth and import. In modern terms, the sparkling white teeth of an attractive female have become those sparkling jewels surrounded by crimson lips. Media, in all its forms, emphasise the mouth, with its smile and inherent sexual allure. Dentists everywhere are empowering their clients with brilliant white teeth and making their mark on our society. Peruse this helpful site for a professional example of the phenomenon.

Love Has Been Co-Opted by Commerce

Walk into any food hall in any big city and you will be assailed by the aggressive smiles of those women serving behind their counters. Come hither looks promising extra-large helpings of phos and combination noodle soups. The smile is to sales what the mast is to sailing, it forms the basis upon which all progress is dependent. Today’s sparkling jewels and crimson lips are not to be found in a Mills and Boon romance but on every screen, advertising a billion and one things. Love has been co-opted by commerce to sell stuff.

A Beguiling Maw to Ensure the Survival of the Species

It is a sad day in the lives of you and me. How are the young and naïve to know the difference between the artifice and the real thing? Will the poison spread before it is too late to save the soul of humanity? Has the damage already been done? If you answered yes to the above, I pity the children of your children. I see the whiter than white teeth like sparkling jewels and crimson lips dancing before my eyes, as a parody of what love was meant to be. A beguiling maw to ensure the survival of the species, no less.